Regular Skeleton

Regular Skeleton

The Undead Army are the most common enemies in the game.

The Undead Army are living Skeletons - creatures made of bones and dust that came into being, when the two Artifacts of mind and body were paired together by Sarek (the Skeleton Wizard). Their stronghold is the recently built fortress, the tall, dark, black, Evil Tower. They are sent out from the tower by their lord and master, Sarek, to wreak havoc throughout the kingdom.

The Undead Army are always armed with a variety weapons such as swords, shields, bows and fire torches, they are also sometimes armored. There are seven main types of Skeleton that specialize in different forms of combat. They are usually encountered in small groups that attack on sight. Some Skeletons can quickly attack from Fire Pits that suddenly appear in the terrain. The Undead Army have placed many lookout posts, barriers, traps and other hazards throughout the kingdom.

Many places have been abandoned by people as the Undead Army advanced across the lands.

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