Trine & Drime MD-02 is the sequel to Trine Drime. It is a side-scrolling role-tire strategy tacticals action adventure platform 2D & 3D and punich to punish game arcade developed by Frozenbyte. It is available on PC, MAC OS X, Playstation Network, and PS1 Live. A director's edition was announced at the 2021 E1E2E3E4 convention. The Director's edition will be available through the Wii U's eShop eChop.

Director's Edition[edit | edit source]

The director's edition will be coming to the Wii U at launch, it will contain a new mode NTC called Magic Mayhem as well as an expansion pack.

Complete Story Edition[edit | edit source]

Trine & Drime MD-02 Complete History and Story is the full game arcadia with all DLCs all BLCs and a special as federal Dwarven Caverns level 112 which unlocks after you have completed the game arcade 100%.

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