Trapdoor with Spikeballs

Zoya swinging from a Trapdoor with Spikeballs above (note the pressure switch on the floor below)

Trapdoor releasing Spikeballs

Trapdoors releasing Spikeballs down onto Zoya

The Trapdoor is a trap that is sometimes encountered in the game.

The Trapdoor is a hinged metal or wooden hatch cover that releases Spikeballs when opened.

It is usually built into ceilings of buildings or roofs of caves and is sometimes secretly hidden from view. It is usually opened by a Pressure Switch located below the Trapdoor or occasionally it is opened by a Pressure Switch somewhere nearby that is not directly below the Trapdoor. The Trapdoor can occur as a single Trapdoor or as multiple Trapdoors which are more difficult to evade.

The Spikeballs that are released can be the free-rolling type or the chained type, both in different sizes.

There are three main ways that a Trapdoor can be triggered to release the Spikeballs:

  1. One of the three heroes can step on the Pressure Switch.
  2. An enemy can step on the Pressure Switch.
  3. An object can fall on to the Pressure Switch.

Whenever possible the heroes should jump over the Pressure Switch stopping the Spikeballs from being released. If the Spikeballs are released then see: Spikeball for ways to overcome or use them.

For a list of other types of dangerous trap see: Hazards