Toxic Water

Toxic Water.

Toxic Water in cave

Toxic Water in a dank misty cave.

Toxic Water pools

Toxic Water pools at night.

Not to be confused with Water

Toxic Water is an environmental hazard often encountered in the game.

Toxic Water is usually a thick bubbling muddy type of water. There are quite a few streams, pools and lakes of Toxic Water that the three heroes come across and will have to carefully negotiate. Toxic Water occurs in many places and is often encountered in darkness where it is especially dangerous if not seen in time.

When Skeletons try to jump over small streams and pools of Toxic Water they can be easily killed without using weapons. If one of the heroes stands on the edge of the bank of the stream or pool as the Skeleton jumps over, it will bump into the hero then fall into the Toxic Water and die.

Falling into Toxic Water will quickly be fatal to the three heroes if not jumped out of instantly and will always seriously harm the heroes’ health.

  • Knight: he can place objects into the Toxic Water as stepping stones.
  • Wizard: he can levitate Boxes, Planks and other objects into the Toxic Water as stepping stones.

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