Tower of Sarek Map

Tower of Sarek Map

Tower of Sarek is the fifteenth and final level in the game.

The three heroes, the Knight, the Thief and the Wizard must fight their way up the Tower of Sarek and get to the very top.

  • Narrator:  As our heroes climbed the stairs, a terrible coldness chilled them to the bone, and the sounds of the forge faded. It was quiet. Too quiet. And then, they heard the voice…..
  • Knight:  “Ohhh.....this doesn’t feel good at all.”
  • CHECKPOINT # 1: The level starts inside the base of the tall Evil Tower.

The Tower of Sarek has two features no other level has which are that the tower is slowly filling up with Lava and there is Sarek (The Skeleton Wizard) a giant invulnerable skeleton, who floats around and summons evil Boxes and evil Planks, similar to the Wizard's, as well as evil Spikeballs, to hinder the players progress.

The players must continue upwards to the roof of the tower where the two other Artifacts are being housed. Once the two artifacts are reached all three artifacts unite and the heroes are freed from The Trine. Sarek the Old King's spirit charges at Zoya (the Thief) in frustration, but is destroyed by Pontius (the Knight), who slams his Storm Hammer into Sarek's head to protect Zoya. Sarek (The Skeleton Wizard) fades away and the epilogue rolls.


Based on the information confirmed by the Trine series writer Maija, the "Old King" was Sarek (The Skeleton Wizard) who became obsessed with the Artifacts. When he passed away after gaining two of the three artifacts, only his corrupted soul was left to wander without being able to find peace. After being defeated by the three heroes, it is said that "What's left of the Old King's human soul had finally found peace".

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