Torch (unlit)

An unlit Torch ready to be lit by Zoya.

Torch (lit)

The same torch as above - now alight.

Not to be confused with the torch of the Firebreather Skeleton.

The Torch is a non-magical item that can be found in the game.

The Torch is a firebrand held in different types of bracket on walls and other similar places. It is encountered frequently in Darkness and when lit, will help to light up the area that the three heroes are exploring.

There are many Hazards that are especially dangerous in the dark, therefore it is always helpful to light the Torches.

  • Knight: he can use his Flaming Sword to set alight nearby Torches.
  • Thief: she can light the Torches with her Fire Bow and is the only hero who can light distant Torches.
  • Wizard: he cannot light the Torches at all.

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