Throne of the Lost King
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Vital statistics
Name Throne of the Lost King
Level Number 8
Level EXP 25
Enemy EXP 20
Secrets 2
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Forsaken Dungeons Fangle Forest
Throne of the Lost King Map

Throne of the Lost King Map

Throne of the Lost King is the eighth level in the game.

The three heroes, the Knight, the Thief and the Wizard must now search for the Throne of the Lost King inside the Great Castle.

  • Narrator:  The second artifact, that of mind and power had protected the castle and given strength to the king and his men. But the artifact was also protected by powerful charms and only minds with pure thoughts could touch it. Over the decades, many kings and knights had tried to approach the artifact to no avail. The legend foretold that one day a hero of pure mind and justified intent would come and claim the artifact. But as our heroes came through the castle door, they realised that the undead had seized everything in the castle. This once magnificent place had been transformed into a place of terror.
  • Thief:  “This doesn’t look like the castle I’ve heard about.”
  • Wizard:  “No..... I cannot believe this!”
  • Knight:  “They have ruined..... ruined it all!”
  • Wizard:  “We must hurry.”
  • CHECKPOINT # 1: The level starts above the dungeons, inside the ruined castle.