The Thief has certain Abilities that will be useful to the Three Heroes.

Grapple Hook Edit

The Thief is equiped with a grapple hook rope which she is able to use in many ingenious ways.

For a more detailed account see: Grapple Hook

Bow Edit

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The Thief is an expert archer, able to swiftly kill her foes at a distance.

  • First Upgrade: The Bow shoots two arrows at once.
  • Second Upgrade: The Bow shoots three arrows at once.

For a more detailed account see: Bow

Fire Bow Edit

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The Fire Bow can break objects and light up objects such as Torches. The Fire Bow requires energy.

  • First Upgrade: Fire damage increased.
  • Second Upgrade: A fire arrow will also cause some area damage if it misses its target.

For a more detailed account see: Fire Bow

Fast Quiver Edit

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The Fast Quiver allows the Thief to charge her bow faster. (note: lowers "charge up" time for firing a greater distance)

  • First Upgrade: The Thief charges her bow faster.
  • Second Upgrade: The Thief is able to charge her bow almost instantly.

For a more detailed account see: Fast Quiver

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