The Trine (detail)

The Trine

This article refers to an object in the game's story. See also Trine the videogame.

The Trine is the mysterious ancient object that this videogame (Trine) is named after. The Trine plays an important role in the plot as the guiding influence in the storyline.

Long ago, three powerful Artifacts were created, that had been used to balance all good and evil in the world. When everything in the world was in harmony, these immortal objects had been given to three Guardians, who had kept the Artifacts safe for centuries. The Guardians enchanted the Artifacts with powerful protective charms. Eventually the Guardians passed away and only the Artifacts and their charms remained.

Sarek (the Skeleton Wizard) managed to steal the second Artifact of mind and power and pair it with the third Artifact of body and matter. Without the first Artifact of soul and righteousness (The Trine), the power of the Artifacts became twisted, creating evil in the world. The first Artifact (The Trine) was the only thing that could bring back balance to the world.

Fate brings Three Heroes together at the Astral Academy, a thief, a knight and a wizard. The Trine will compel the three heroes to undertake a great quest to restore balance to the world.

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The heroes discover The Trine.

The first Artifact (The Trine) that of soul and righteousness was kept in the shrine, located deep within the Astral Academy. The Trine has the power to bind souls together and binds the souls of the three heroes, the Knight, the Thief and the Wizard, when they first meet in the shrine at the Astral Academy. The Trine gives the three heroes the power to resurrect, if they should die.

The three heroes, bound together by the spell that The Trine has placed on them, begin their quest to find a way to be released from The Trine’s spell.

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