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Strength of the Titans

Titans - lifting

Pontius using the Strength of the Titans.

Titans - charge

Pontius using the Crushing Charge.

The Strength of the Titans is an Ability used by the Knight.

The Strength of the Titans gives the Knight the Ability to pick up objects and then put them down again. It also gives him the Ability to throw objects. The Strength of the Titans can be used by the Knight when he is under Water.

The Strength of the Titans can be found in a Chest in the Wolvercote Catacombs level.

  • Primary use: It is primarily used to move magical objects and non-magical Use Items.
  • Secondary uses: With it he can throw at or drop objects on Enemies to injure or kill them. With it he knock shields from Skeletons arms making them easier to kill. With it he can use objects to smash the Wizards Boxes, Planks and Floating Platforms . With it he can use objects to smash some types of Crystal hazards.
  • Upgrades:
    • First Upgrade: The Knight can pick up large objects. Only works while the Knight has energy to call upon the gods.
    • Second Upgrade: Crushing Charge - The Knight has inhuman speed that can be directed toward enemies to knock them back. This ability kills weaker enemies instantly! Costs 66 mana.

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