Stone Door - smash

Pontius about to smash a Stone Door (at top right).

Stone Door - fist

The Wizard about to use a Fist on a Stone Door.

The Stone Door is an obstacle that is occasionally encountered in the game.

The Stone Door is not a dangerous obstacle but can sometimes occur in a dangerous situation. Most Stone Doors are easily found but some of the more interesting doors are hidden and will have to be searched for. Most Stone Doors simply lead to a new area but occasionally a door will conceal a hidden secret chamber. Occasionally a Stone Door will be part of a puzzle that has to be solved. Sometimes a Fist will have to be used to smash a Stone Door.

  • Knight: he can smash some Stone Doors with his Storm Hammer.
  • Thief: she can sometimes reach or get to some Stone Doors allowing the Knight to then smash the door.
  • Wizard: he can sometimes use the Fist to smash Stone Doors that the Knight is unable to break.

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