Stake (wood)

A wooden Stake

Stakes in ground

Stakes planted in the ground.

Stake trap (inside)

A Stake trap inside a building

Stake trap (outside)

A Stake trap outside in the Dragons Graveyard.

The Stake is a trap that is often encountered in the game.

The Stakes are large sharpened wooden poles that are found in many places. They are often encountered as serious barriers that have to be overcome. The Stakes are usually planted in large groups in the ground, on banks or on cliffs and in caves etc. They are also often found embedded in stone or brick walls and ceilings.

The Stakes are fairly easy to negotiate as many magical and ordinary objects can be used to cover them. This will allow the heroes to pass across them without danger or loss of health. The Stakes that come out of walls and cliffs can be more of a problem but with careful handling, objects can still be used to cover them.

Skeletons can be lured or pushed onto Stakes and will be injured or sometimes they will be killed instantly.

The Stakes are extremely dangerous to the three heroes and can cause death or serious damage to their health, if they are ignored.

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