Spikeball (free)

Spikeball (free rolling type - large)

Spikeball (chained)

Spikeball (chained type - large)

The Spikeball (free and chained) is a trap that is often encountered in the game.

The Spikeball is a sphere with many sharp spikes on its surface and is an extremely dangerous trap object. It can be free rolling or hanging down on a chain, there is also a floating version found under Water that is chained to riverbeds and lakebeds.

They come in various different types and sizes and the larger they are the more damage they will inflict. Even the large Spikeballs can be jumped over, if the jump is judged correctly.

Spikeballs are sometimes released from a hidden Trapdoor that is triggered by treading on a Pressure Switch.  They are also sometimes encountered as part of a puzzle or trap that has to be solved or overcome.

Although Spikeballs are dangerous trap items, if handled carefully, they can be used for many useful purposes. For example the Wizard can drop Planks or Boxes on them to reach things. They are especially effective as offensive weapons and quickly kill Skeletons.

  • Knight: he can push them with his Shield and move them slowly or he can hit them with his Sword or his Storm Hammer to move them some distance.
  • Thief: she can fire arrows at them to move them.
  • Wizard: he can control and levitate them, he can also lift or move them a long distance quickly. He can sometimes loop the chained Spikeballs over a beam or platform, out of harm’s way.
  • Sarek: he can magically materialize evil Spikeballs from the air.

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