Spider closeup 2


Spiders are one of the Enemies that are occasionally encountered in the game.

These large venomous creatures throw poison webs from a great distance and often attack before they are seen. They hunt in small groups climbing trees and walls making it difficult to kill them up close. Spiders are lethal if they are not killed quickly. Sometimes a spider will remain hidden as it attacks and is then often hard or impossible to kill.

Spiders will often drop some of the Energy Vials (pickup) when they are killed.

Killing Spiders will gain the player some useful Experience points.

  • Knight: he can use his Sword or his Flaming Sword to kill Spiders. He can jump up to kill them if they are within reach. He can also smash his Storm Hammer down on to the ground which will send a flash of lightning upwards and kill the Spiders if they are close.
  • Thief: she can use her Bow or her Fire Bow to kill Spiders. She is the best hero to kill Spiders as she is able to kill them at a distance with her arrows.
  • Wizard: he cannot easily kill the Spiders.


It might appear that the spiders only have six legs but the front two legs are small and used for throwing their poison webs.

Spider throwing a web

A Spider throwing a web

Spider being killed by Zoya

A Spider being killed by Zoya

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