Regular Skeleton

Regular Skeleton

Skeleton (intro)


Not to be confused with the Big Skeleton.

Skeletons are one of the frequent Enemies that the Three Heroes will encounter on their travels through the kingdom.

The Skeletons are part of the Undead Army that Sarek has sent, to thwart the heroes on their quest to find the Artifacts. Skeletons can suddenly materialize from a supernatural Fire Pit that will instantly appear, in many different locations throughout the game. The Fire Pit usually materializes on the ground but it can also suddenly materialize on platforms and other flat areas. Only one skeleton at a time can emerge from the Fire Pit and after the first has emerged, others will follow at certain intervals. The skeletons scream when they emerge from the Fire Pit, giving the player some warning that they are arriving.

Skeletons are vulnerable to environmental Hazards, traps and other dangers, just as the Three Heroes are vulnerable to the same dangers. Skeletons can be fooled into entering dangerous traps and other hazards. The most powerful weapons to defeat skeletons are the Thief’s Fire Bow and the Knight’s Storm Hammer. With the Help of the Wizard's conjuring, the Knight can reach new heights, and crush the skeletons in one swift blow.

When the skeletons attack and cause harm, they will gradually drain the health of the three heroes and if one of the heroes' health reaches zero, that character will die. The dead character can be resurrected at the next or at a previous Checkpoint.

When Skeletons are killed they will often drop an Energy Vial (pickup) or less often they will drop a Health Vial (pickup). These can be used to help restore the three heroes' energy and health.

Killing Skeletons will give the player Experience points which can be used to gain upgrades for Abilities.

There are different types of Skeleton that vary in how difficult they are to defeat and kill.

Skeletons come in three main types:

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