Warrior shield

The Shield belonging to Pontius the Knight.

Shield - ready

Pontius with his Shield in the defensive position.

Shield - up

The Shield in position to protect from falling objects.

The Shield is a weapon used by the Knight.

The Shield is carried by the Knight and helps to protect him.The Shield is a round metal buckler with a central boss and a cross-shaped design on the front. The Shield can be used by the Knight as he jumps and runs. The Shield can also be used by the Knight when he is under Water.

  • Primary use: it is worn on the arm of the Knight as a defensive weapon to ward off blows and many other types of attacks from Enemies.
  • Secondary uses: it can be used to push aside hazardous objects like the Spikeball. It can be used to push away Enemies as they attack. It can be used to shelter under from falling objects and Hazards.
  • Upgrades: There are no upgrades for the Shield.

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