Special Secret Items (or Enchantments) can be found in the game levels, if carefully looked for.

There are 26 Secret Items (Secrets) that can be discovered in treasure Chests throughout the game. When found and collected they will automatically be placed in the Inventory Menu. These Secret Items enhance the Abilities of the three heroes in various ways.

They can be swapped between the three characters at any time by using the Inventory Menu. The enhancements that they give can be seen in Inventory Items.

The Secret Items are found in the following order in the game levels:

1. Astral Academy

  • 0

2. Academy Hallways

3. Wolvercote Catacombs

4. Dragon Graveyard

5. Crystal Caverns

6. Crypt of the Damned

7. Forsaken Dungeons

8. Throne of the Lost King

9. Fangle Forest

10. Shadowthorn Thicket

11. Ruins of the Perished

12. Heartland Mines

13. Bramblestoke Village

14. Iron Forge

15. Tower of Sarek

  • 0
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