Sarek - closeup

Sarek flying

Sarek is one of the Enemies that the three heroes, the Knight, the Thief and the Wizard, will have to defeat. He is the last and most difficult boss in the game.


Sarek (also known as the "Skeleton Wizard") is the demonic soul of the "Old King”. When the "Old King” was alive he became obsessed with the three Artifacts of Body, Mind and Soul. He stole the artifacts of Body and Mind but because he did not possess the artifact of Soul he became corrupted. He died and his corrupted spirit became known as the "Skeleton Wizard". He is the lord of the Undead Army, which he sends to try and thwart the three heroes on their quest through the kingdom.


Sarek appears in game as a giant flying skeleton with long tattered robes. He lives in the tall dark Evil Tower that he never leaves and sends his Undead Army out to wreak havoc in the kingdom.


Sarek can make the Lava from the Iron Forge rise up the tower. He can produce evil Boxes, evil Planks and evil Spikeballs which he places in the way of the three heroes, as they try to climb his tower, out of harms way from the rising lava. He also quickly flies away out of reach so that he cannot be harmed.


Sarek has no combat weaknesses that the player can exploit. Only speed and dexterity in avoiding his traps will help to defeat him. Sarek is invulnerable to any form of attack until the three Artifacts are brought together at the end of the game.


Sarek is first encountered at the beginning of the Tower of Sarek level of the game.

Sarek attacking

Sarek attacking

Sarek raising the lava

Sarek raising the lava

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