Puzzle - fists

A Puzzle involving balancing fists and pressure switches.

Puzzle - blocks

A Puzzle involving balancing blocks.

The Puzzle is an obstacle that is often encountered in the game.

There are many different types of Puzzle that need to be solved and negotiated. Most Puzzles involve getting to somewhere or reaching something. Nearly all of the Puzzles have many different solutions or different ways to tackle the problem that needs to be solved. The whole game is really one continuous Puzzle that requires some interesting and challenging problem solving.

It is always best to kill any Enemies in the area before attempting to take on a Puzzle, especially the balancing type.

  • Each of the three heroes, the Knight, the Thief and the Wizard have their own special Abilities for overcoming the many different problems that the Puzzles will have. Working together there are no Puzzles that the heroes will not be able to overcome.

For a list of other types of obstacle see: Hazards

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