Pressure Switch

A Pressure Switch.

Pressure Switch - in cave

A Pressure Switch in a cave.

Pressure Switch - in game

Amadeus about to step onto a Pressure Switch.

The Pressure Switch (or Pressure Plate) is an obstacle that is sometimes encountered in the game.

The Pressure Switch is an ornate square plate found on level surfaces and is activated when someone or something presses down on it. The Pressure Switch is often an obstacle that prevents further progress in the game unless it is found and activated. It is usually located away from the thing that it controls and often has to be looked for. Sometimes getting to or reaching the Pressure Switch can be an obstacle in itself.

Sometimes a magical or non-magical object must be placed on the Pressure Switch to keep it activated.

The Pressure Switch is used for many purposes; for example opening things like gates or starting mechanical devices.

Important note: sometimes activating the Pressure Switch can trigger dangerous traps like the Trapdoor.

  • All three heroes, the Knight, the Thief and the Wizard can activate the Pressure Switch by stepping on it.
  • All three heroes can place objects on the Pressure Switch when required so that it remains activated.

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