Platform Wheel

A Platform Wheel.

Platform Wheel - planks

Two Platform Wheels stabilised with Wizard's Planks.

Platform Wheel - puzzle

A puzzle with a Platform Wheel and two Tilting Boards.

Not to be confused with the Bucket Wheel.

The Platform Wheel is an obstacle that is sometimes encountered in the game.

The Platform Wheel is the second largest obstacle construction in the game. It consists of a huge wooden rotating wheel with a number of Hanging Platforms suspended on it. The wheel is never powered and is usually supported in a massive frame or some other type of structure. It can be encountered as a single Platform Wheel or as two next to each other. It always has some wood as part of its construction. It is usually negotiated to get to something or to get to a new area that can be explored.

Any Skeletons in the area should be killed before negotiating the Platform Wheel.

  • All three heroes can jump the platforms that are hanging on the wheel, by using careful timing.
  • Thief: she can sometimes attach her Grapple Hook to some platforms. She can also sometimes swing under some Platform Wheels.
  • Wizard: he can place magical and non-magical objects on the platforms to stabilise them.

Important note: one of the most useful things the Wizard can do is to conjure Planks on to the platforms. If done correctly, this will stabilise the whole Platform Wheel.

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