Pendulum Log - close up

Zoya on a Pendulum Log.

Pendulum Log

Zoya swinging a Pendulum Log.

Not to be confused with the Pendulum Blade.

The Pendulum Log is an obstacle that is sometimes encountered in the game.

The Pendulum Log is a massive tree trunk (log) suspended by an A-frame. It is used to swing one of the three heroes up to a new area in the terrain.

If one of the heroes stands on one end of the log it will start to swing. The hero will then have to run to the other end to make it swing more. If this is done a few times the momentum will build up and the log will swing a good distance. As the momentum of the swing builds up, the log can move at a fair speed and it will be easy to fall off. When the log is at its highest point the hero can jump off the log onto a ledge or landing place.

There are usually enemy Skeletons at the landing place and Zoya the Thief can use her Bow from the swinging log, to kill them, before she jumps off the log.

  • All three heroes can swing the log and jump off it with careful timing.

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