Pendulum Blade

Pendulum Blade

Pendulum Blade trap

Zoya in a Pendulum Blade trap.

Not to be confused with the Pendulum Log.

The Pendulum Blade is a trap that is occasionally encountered in the game.

The Pendulum Blade is a massive metal blade on the end of a large swinging wooden pole. They can be encountered as a single Blade or multiple Blades in a group. The multiple types of Pendulum Blades are especially dangerous, as they can only be passed by running through them with careful timing. The most dangerous types of Pendulum Blades are the blades which are found swinging between two platforms that the heroes have to jump across.

They cannot be blocked, moved or jammed in any way and they easily smash Boxes, Planks and other objects.

Skeletons can be lured or pushed into Pendulum Blades and are killed instantly.

The Pendulum Blade is extremely dangerous to the three heroes and can cause death or serious damage to their health.

  • All three heroes can evade the Pendulum Blades with careful timing.

For a list of other types of dangerous trap see: Hazards

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