In Trine there are 15 challenging Levels that can be discovered.

The levels are chapters of a continuous story that gradually unfolds as each level is completed. The levels become increasingly more challenging as the game progresses.

  1. Astral Academy
  2. Academy Hallways
  3. Wolvercote Catacombs
  4. Dragon Graveyard
  5. Crystal Caverns
  6. Crypt of the Damned
  7. Forsaken Dungeons
  8. Throne of the Lost King
  9. Fangle Forest
  10. Shadowthorn Thicket
  11. Ruins of the Perished
  12. Heartland Mines
  13. Bramblestoke Village
  14. Iron Forge
  15. Tower of Sarek
  16. Path to New Dawn (Enchanted Edition)

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