Lava pool

A pool of blazing hot Lava

Lava is an environmental hazard occasionally encountered in the game.

Lava is blazing hot molten liquid rock and is extremely dangerous to the three heroes. There are quite a few pools and lakes of Lava that the heroes will come across and have to carefully negotiate. Lava occurs in Chasms deep inside mines, it also occurs frequently in the Iron Forge level and in the Tower of Sarek level.

When Skeletons try to jump over small pools of Lava they can be easily killed without using weapons. If one of the heroes stands on the edge of the pool of Lava as the Skeleton jumps over, it will bump into the hero and then fall into the Lava and die.

Falling into Lava will quickly be fatal to the heroes if not jumped out of instantly and will always seriously harm the heroes’ health. Falling into the Lava in the Tower of Sarek level will mean instant death to the heroes.

  • Knight: he can place objects into the Lava as stepping stones.
  • Thief: she can swing over some Lava pools using her Grapple Hook.
  • Wizard: he can levitate non-magical objects into the Lava as stepping stones.

Important note: The Wizard’s Boxes, Planks and Floating Platforms explode when placed in Lava. Sometimes they will explode instantly, occasionally they will last a couple of seconds or so, just long enough to use as a stepping stone etc. The Wizard’s Boxes, Planks and Floating Platforms can however be placed on non-magical objects that are sitting in the Lava.

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