The Knight has certain Abilities that will be useful to the Three Heroes.

Sword and Shield Edit

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Warrior shield - small

The Knight has a sword and shield - and the red cape of a captain. He's ready to battle the undead!

  • First Upgrade: The Knight has a 5% chance to critically hit enemies, causing triple damage.
  • Second Upgrade: Flaming Sword! The whole sword is on fire, causing more damage than the normal sword. (note: can also be used to ignite Torches)

For a more detailed account see the following:

Strength of the Titans Edit

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With the strength of the Titans bestowed upon him, the Knight's abilities reach even greater heights.

  • First Upgrade: The Knight can pick up large objects. Only works while the Knight has energy to call upon the gods.
  • Second Upgrade: Crushing Charge: The Knight has inhuman speed that can be directed toward enemies to knock them back. This ability kills weaker enemies instantly!

For a more detailed account see: Strength of the Titans

Storm Hammer Edit

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The Storm Hammer, blessed by the god of thunder, is a two-handed mayhem bringer that can break almost anything -- be it wood, iron or bones. All storm effects require energy.

  • First Upgrade: Unleash a secondary attack to deal massive damage. (note: hold attack button, then release)
  • Second Upgrade: Death from above! The Knight can perform the secondary attack while jumping down from a ledge. Undead beware!

For a more detailed account see: Storm Hammer

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