The Knight - Pontius the Brave
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To eat good meat and drink beer


To be hungry

In Trine the Knight is one of the three main playable characters.

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Pontius is a Knight - but only in his daydreams. He wants to join the King's army and what better way to do that than to battle against the undead and prove himself worthy of knighthood! The problem is that Pontius does not quite understand what "undead" means, and he is the only one left to face the enemy in the castle. Or so it seems...


Pontius is big as a bear and appreciates a good healthy dose of meat every hour. He is a friendly, happy fellow, and thinks good of everything. Unless he is hungry, of course. Pontius is a bit slow — he is the one who never gets the joke, and does not quite understand how magic works. But that does not stop him! He wants to be a hero and save the Kingdom!

Abilities Edit

see Knight Abilities

Pontius has an impressive arsenal of melee weapons that make him quite confident. If you could see the Astral Academy library after his practice sessions, well, you would believe that Pontius can, if nothing else, cause great havoc. His strength also comes in handy when lifting heavy objects — or throwing them onto the enemies. Pontius also has a shield that he can use to block attacks. He can not swim due to his armour, but underwater he can execute higher jumps.

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The Knight shields himself from a Skeleton's flame

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