In Trine special Inventory Items can be found throughout the game.

Inventory Items are the various Secret Items that are automatically placed in the games Inventory Menu when they are discovered. They can be found in treasure Chests throughout the Levels. These Inventory Items give extra enhancements to the Abilities of the three main Characters the Knight, the Thief and the Wizard.

Item Name Description Buffs Character
Data-gui-hud-item-item amulet e Amulet of Energy Gain Increases the effect of energy potions by 5%. Energy Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item amulet k Amulet of the Kings Increases maximum health by 15%. Health Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item amulet s Amulet of Sacrifice Uses health as a substitute for energy if energy has run out. Energy Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item blue gem Blue Masterstone Increases number of boxes (Wizard) or arrows (Thief) by 1. Ability Wizard / Thief
Data-gui-hud-item-item vial eData-gui-hud-item-item vial e l1 Energy Vial (inventory) Restores 30% of energy when energy is depleted. Reloads at checkpoints. Energy Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item music box1 Wolfgang's Music Box Increases number of boxes by 2. Ability Wizard
Data-gui-hud-item-item ring Ring of Spellcaster Increases maximum energy by 5%. Energy Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item statue Statue of the Eagle Reduces energy cost of levitation. Energy Wizard
Data-gui-hud-item-item crystal e Enchanted Energy Crystal Increases effect of Energy Vials by 5%. Energy Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item orb Orb of Energy Increases maximum energy by 10%. Energy Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item pendant g Pendant of the Guardian Increases maximum energy by 15%. Energy Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item vial hData-gui-hud-item-item vial h l1 Health Vial (inventory) Restores 25% health when health drops below 25%. Reloads at checkpoints. Health Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item bracers Bracers Reduces damage hitting arms. Armor Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item resur gem l1Data-gui-hud-item-item resur gem Gem of Resurrection Allows the bearer to resurrect, once per level. Ability Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item leggings Leggings Reduces damage hitting legs. Armor Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item necklace p Necklace of Power Increases damage by 25% for weapons that use energy. Ability Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item necklace l Necklace of Life Increases maximum health by 5%. Health Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item fish Scales of Fish Allows breathing under water. Ability Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item red gem Red Masterstone Increases number of planks by 1 (Wizard) or health by 10% (Knight). Ability, Health Wizard / Knight
Data-gui-hud-item-item poison Bottle of Poison Increases damage from basic sword (Knight) or basic arrows (Thief). Damage

Thief / Knight

Data-gui-hud-item-item prism Prism of Light 25% more health and energy from checkpoints. Health, Energy Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item amulet f Amulet of Fortitude Increases maximum health by 10%. Health Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item crystal h Enchanted Health Crystal Increases the effect of health potions by 5%. Health Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item pendant h Pendant of Life Stealing Restores 2 points of health per killed monster when the owner is inactive. Health Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item yellow gem
Data-gui-hud-item-item boots Boots Reduces damage from spikes and hazardous surfaces. Armor Any
Data-gui-hud-item-item crown Victor's Crown Increases number of planks by 2. Ability Wizard
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