Hinged Platforms (wood)

Wooden Hinged Platforms on posts.

Hinged Platforms (metal)

Zoya about to jump metal Hinged Platforms.

Hinged Platforms (with plank)

Hinged Platform with a Plank on it to stabilise it.

Not to be confused with the Hanging Platform.

Not to be confused with the Hinged Board.

The Hinged Platform is an obstacle that is frequently encountered in the game.

The Hinged Platform is a small platform that is hinged to a special post, wall or other structure. When anything or anyone is on a platform it will fold down, tipping anything or anyone down on to the ground, on to Hazards or into Hazards. It can be encountered as a single platform or multiple platforms that will have to be negotiated together. The Hinged Platform can be made of metal or wood.

The Hinged Platform comes in three main types:

  1. The powered type which is continually moving.
  2. The unpowered type which moves when something or someone is on it.
  3. The type that needs to be activated by using a Pressure Switch or Lever.

  • All three heroes can jump the Hinged Platforms with careful timing.
  • Knight: he can only jump the Hinged Platforms.
  • Thief: she is able to use her Grapple Hook on some of the wooden Hinged Platforms.
  • Wizard: he can place Boxes, Planks and other objects on or below Hinged Platforms.

Important note: one of the most useful things the Wizard can do, is to place a Plank on some types of Hinged Platform, this will make the platform stable and stop it from folding down. He can also place things under a Hinged Platform to jam it in the open position.

For a list of other types of obstacle see: Hazards

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