Hinged Boards - hanging

Hinged Boards hanging down free.

Hinged Boards - in position

Hinged Boards moved into position.

Not to be confused with the Hinged Platform.

The Hinged Board is an obstacle that is sometimes encountered in the game.

The Hinged Board is a short wooden board that is free at one end and connected to a metal hinge at the other end. It can freely swing from the hinge in an arc. It is usually part of a puzzle that requires the heroes to get to something or cross something. It can be encountered as a single board or multiple boards that have to be connected.

  • Knight: he can hit the Hinged Board with his Sword or his Storm Hammer to move it but is not very good at this.
  • Thief: she can use her Bow to move the Hinged Board and is the best hero to move boards when in a hurry, especially in the Tower of Sarek level.
  • Wizard: he can move the Hinged Board using his levitation Ability.

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