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Health Vial (Pickup)

Health and Energy Bars

Red Health Bar for the Thief

Heath Vials (pickup) in game

Health Vials dropped by skeletons.

Not to be confused with Health Vial (inventory)

The red Health Vial (pickup) is an item that can be obtained throughout the levels.

When a Health Vial is picked up the health of the hero will be restored a small amount. Only the currently active character can pick up a Health Vial, therefore each of the Three Heroes  must top up their own health bar.

There are red health bars on the game screen, showing the current health levels for each of the three characters the Knight the Thief and the Wizard. When the currently active character encounters Hazards or is attacked by Enemies, his or her health will gradually decrease and eventually reach zero. If his or her health level does reach zero they will die and one of the other characters will have to be summoned to continue on the quest.

The dead character can be resurrected at the next or at a previous Checkpoint. If all three characters die there will be an option in the Game Over Menu to “Continue from the last checkpoint”.

Health can be restored for all three characters when the next or a previous Checkpoint is reached.

Enemies sometimes drop Health Vials when they die.

Important note: when Enemies drop a Health Vial it will only exist for a short time and then it will vanish. Therefore the Health Vial should be picked up as soon as possible. The blue Energy Vial (pickup) exists for a long time and does not vanish quickly.

There are many enchantments that give extra health gains to the three characters. These special Secret Items are stored for each of the three characters in the Inventory Menu and can be seen in Inventory Items.

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