Spikeball (free)

The Spikeball - one of the many Hazards encountered in-game.

In Trine there are many Hazards that are encountered and have to be overcome by the Three Heroes.

Environmental HazardsEdit

Environmental Hazards are some of the most dangerous things encountered and are often lethal if not carefully negotiated. Any Enemies in the vicinity should be dealt with before attempting to overcome any Environmental Hazards.

  • Chasm - a deep fissure sometimes with water, fumes or lava below.
  • Crystal - various types of crystal formations.
  • Darkness - dark areas that need to be lit up to explore them.
  • Fumes - poisonous fumes found in some chasms.
  • Lava - blazing hot liquid lava.
  • Thorn Plant - plants with dangerous thorns.
  • Toxic Water - the lethal poisonous water in some streams and lakes.
  • Water - the underwater areas in some streams and lakes.


Traps are dangerous and can inflict serious damage or even death if not negotiated with care. Enemies are often lurking near traps and should be looked out for.


Obstacles are not actually dangerous as such, but can be, if they are not negotiated carefully or are attempted when being attacked. Enemies are often found near Obstacles and should be dealt with before negotiating the Obstacles.

Moving Obstacles:Edit

  • Chariot - vehicles with wheels running on rails.
  • Elevator - small platforms that slide up and down.
  • Moving Platform - small powered vertical and horizontal railways.

Pivoting Obstacles:Edit

Rotating Obstacles:Edit

Stationary Obstacles:Edit

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