Hanging Platform - close up

A Hanging Platform.

Hanging Platforms

A row of four Hanging Platforms.

Not to be confused with the Hinged Platform.

Not to be confused with the Rocker or the Swing.

The Hanging Platform is an obstacle that is frequently encountered in the game.

The Hanging Platform is a small ornate platform sometimes with a flaming torch or lantern attached. It has no pivots only a large bracket that is attached to a chain or swinging bar, which allows the platform to pivot and swing freely.

The Hanging Platform can be found in three main situations:

  1. As a single platform suspended from the branch of a tree etc.
  2. As multiple platforms in a row, sometimes at different levels.
  3. As part of a large structure like the Crane or the Balance.

  • All three heroes can jump the Hanging Platforms with careful timing.
  • Thief: she can attach her Grapple Hook to the wooden platforms.
  • Wizard: he can place magical and non-magical objects on the Hanging Platforms. He can also move them using his levitation Ability.

Important note: one of the most useful things the Wizard can do is to place a Plank across two or more Hanging Platforms. This will stabilise them allowing the heroes to negotiate them safely.

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