The Trine (detail)

The Trine (the First Artifact)

Tomb of the First Guardian

The Tomb of the First Guardian

Ruins of the Perished (middle)

The Ruins of the Perished - home of the Guardians

The Guardians are the ancient keepers of the three Artifacts.

Long in the distant past three powerful Artifacts were created to maintain harmony in the world. Each Artifact was given to one of three Guardians to keep in safety. The original home of the Guardians was in the ancient Ruins of the Perished, long forgotten and rarely visited. The Guardians protected the Artifacts with powerful charms and placed these immortal objects in separate locations within the kingdom.

  • The First Artifact was placed in the shrine at the Astral Academy, the ancient academy of the wizards.
  • The Second Artifact was placed in the Great Castle in the middle of the Forest, the ancestral residence of the kings.
  • The Third Artifact was placed on the Pedestal at the highest point in the Ruins of the Perished, the ancient home of the Guardians.

The Guardians also created enchanted objects like the Pendant of the Guardian. The Guardians kept the Artifacts safe for many centuries but eventually the Guardians passed away. The Guardians were placed in tombs near the Artifacts that they had guarded. The powerful charms that they had created to protect the Artifacts, still remained, keeping the Artifacts safe.

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