Throne (intro)

The throne of the kings.

The Great Castle is one of the locations that the Three Heroes will visit on their great quest.

The Great Castle is located in the west part of the vast northern Forest. It is the ancestral residence of the kings. The three heroes enter the castle by crossing a great Drawbridge leading into the Forsaken Dungeons. Deep within the castle is found the Throne of the Lost King, the ancient seat of power in the kingdom. The castle is the residing place of the second Artifact, that of mind and power and many kings and knights have tried to approach the Artifact to no avail.

The castle was abandoned by the people when the Undead Army invaded the kingdom. The Undead Army ruined the castle and seized everything of value, including the second Artifact, which was taken to the Evil Tower - the dark fortress of Sarek the Skeleton Wizard.

The three heroes find the Journal of the Old King deep within the ancient castle.

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