Grapple Hook - close up

Zoya's Grapple Hook

Grapple Hook on bridge

Zoya's Grapple Hook attached to a wooden rope bridge

Grapple Hook on drum

Zoya's Grapple Hook atached to a big drum

Grapple Hook on platform

Zoya using her Grapple Hook to swing across a trap

Note: Zoya’s “Rope” is called a Grapple Hook here, to save confusion with other types of rope.

The Grapple Hook (or Grappling Hook) is a piece of equipment used by Zoya the Thief.

It is a long Rope that Zoya can throw and attach to some wooden surfaces.

The Grapple Hook will not attach to metal, rock, stone or trees, unless there is a wooden plank or beam fixed to them. Zoya cannot throw the Grapple Hook downwards or horizontally but only upwards.

Zoya can climb up or down the Rope when she is hanging from the Grapple Hook. She is also able to swing backwards and forwards building up momentum to swing and jump a great distance. When hanging below a platform etc. she is able to swing herself up onto the platform etc. this is one of the most useful purposes for the Grapple Hook. She can also “multi grapple”, which means that she can throw the Grapple Hook when she is already hanging or swinging from it, this will allow her to use multiple swinging jumps along an extensive bridge for example.

Zoya is sometimes able to save herself when she is falling by using the Grapple Hook but only if there is a wooden surface above that she can quickly attach it to.

The Grapple Hook can be used as a "weapon", if Zoya swings into a Skeleton with some speed it will be injured or killed.

Zoya cannot use her Grapple Hook (or her Bow) when she is under Water, unlike the other two heroes who are able to use their Abilities when underwater.

The following list includes some types of things that Zoya’s Grapple Hook can be attached to:

  • A fixed wooden plank (but not the Wizard’s Plank).
  • A fixed wooden beam.
  • Some parts of some Obstacles and Hazards.
  • Some parts of some structures.
  • Wooden Rope Bridges.
  • Wooden Trapdoors.
  • Wooden Drums.
  • Wooden Platforms.
  • The wooden Crate (but not the Wizard's Box).
  • The Wizard’s Floating Platform when upgraded.

The following list includes some situations that Zoya’s Grapple Hook can be useful:

  • Swinging over some Obstacles and Hazards.
  • Swinging over some areas.
  • Climbing up some areas.
  • Lowering down into some areas.
  • Reaching difficult ledges.
  • Swinging over Enemies.
  • Exploring Chasms and caves.

The above lists are in no way complete but will give some idea of how Zoya’s Grapple Hook can be used.

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Zoya's rope is called a "Hook" in the games texture file.

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