Glowback close up

The Glowback

Glowback close

The enraged Glowback.


The Knight bravely trying to overcome Glowback.

The Glowback is one of the Enemies encountered in the game. It is the second mini-boss the player will enounter.


Not much is known about these rarely encountered mysterious beings. They seem to be very territorial and will attack intruders on sight.


The Glowback is a large powerful troll-like being with a large head and big eyes. It has huge muscular arms and legs and its hands and feet have strong claws. It has bluish colored crystals growing on its back that give off a pale light. The Glowback emits a loud deep growl when it attacks.


The Glowback can move quite quickly when it needs to but it usually just lumbers along patrolling its territory. Its main form of attack is to use its vicious claws by swiping its large powerful arms at any prey.  It has a long reach with its swiping arms and getting too close can prove fatal. The Glowback prefers to corner its prey and then pummel its victim to death.


Being a fairly slow enemy it is possible to outrun the Glowback, it is also possible to jump over it or run between its legs to escape. It can take a large amount of damage to its thick boney hide especially on its front. The main vulnerability that the Glowback has is any damage inflicted to the crystals on its back. The Knight using the Storm Hammer will quickly defeat this powerful enemy.


The Glowback is encountered in the following levels:


Killing the Glowback will gain the player some advantages.

The Glowback will drop a number of the Energy Vials (pickup) when it is killed.

Killing this fearsome creature will gain the player some useful Experience points.

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