The dead symbol

Game Over Menu

The Game Over Menu.

Dead game screen

The game screen as one of the Heroes dies.

The Game Over Menu appears on the game screen when all Three Heroes die.

Each of the three heroes has a dead symbol a "skull and crossbones" that will appear on the screen when that particular hero is dead. When three dead symbols appear on screen the Game Over Menu will come up.

As the health becomes critical for the currently active hero the game screen will start to take on a reddish color until the hero dies and then the game screen will become red. If all three characters, the Knight, the Thief and the Wizard should die or be killed the game will stop at that point. When this happens the Game Over Menu will come up on the screen with two options.

The two options on the Game Over Menu are as follows:

1. Continue from last checkpoint.
  • If the player wishes to carry on playing the game they should select the “Continue from last checkpoint” option. The three heroes will then be quickly transported back to the last Checkpoint and the game will restart at the last Checkpoint that was reached. Most of the three heroes’ health and energy will be restored to them when they are resurrected.
2. Quit to main menu.
  • If the player wishes to exit the game they should select the “Quit to main menu” option.
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