The Forest (glade)

A glade in the Forest

The Forest (stream)

A waterfall in the Forest.

The great forest (simply named the Forest) is the vast forest that exists in the far north of the kingdom.

The Forest stretches from the far west to the far east of the kingdom. Located in the far west of the Forest is the Great Castle, the ancestral seat of the kings. In the far east of the Forest lie the ancient Ruins of the Perished, the original home of the Guardians.

Fangle Forest and Shadowthorn Thicket (also known as the Dark Forest) are situated within this vast northern Forest. Some parts of the Forest have been settled by people in pleasant villages, with majestic ancient trees, lovely streams and many beautiful flowers. Other parts of the Forest are dark and mysterious, with poisonous swamps and dangerous creatures.

Bats are frequent in the Forest and parts of the Forest are home to the Glowback, a troll-like creature.

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