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Floating Platform

Floating Platform - close up

The Wizard's Floating Platform (note the cogs)


Roman numeral ones on the cog.

Floating Platform - in game

The Floating Platform in-game.

The Floating Platform is a magical object conjured by the Wizard.

The Floating Platform is a magical golden colored pyramid. The Floating Platform has rotating cogs on all five sides and the cogs have twelve number one digits in roman numerals like a clock embossed on them. The Floating Platform is not very robust and can be easily smashed in many different ways. The Floating Platform does not fall to the ground like the Box and the Plank but floats in the air where it is placed. It does however slowly sink lower as time progresses.

The Wizard is able to use his Conjuration Ability to summon the Floating Platform into existence when it is needed. He is able to conjure a Floating Platform in a number of different sizes depending on how the Floating Platform is to be used. He does this by drawing a triangle of differing sizes in the air to summon the size of Floating Platform required. Unlike the Box or the Plank the Wizard is only able to summon one Floating Platform into existence at a time. If he summons a second Floating Platform the first one that was summoned will break and vanish.

He can use his Levitation Ability to lift, lower or move the Floating Platform in the air. He is also able to smash the Floating Platform if it is unwanted or getting in his way.

The Floating Platform is not very stable to stand on and connecting it to something with a Plank will help to stabilise it.

The Wizard can conjure the Floating Platform into Water and smash the Floating Platform in Water or when he is underwater. He cannot however use his Levitation Ability to move the Floating Platform when he is underwater.

The Floating Platform can be found in a Chest in the Heartland Mines level.

  • Uses:  The Floating Platform can be used in many ingenious ways, especially in combination with the Plank.
  • Upgrades:
    • First Upgrade: The Thief can attach her Grapple Hook to the Floating Platform.
    • Second Upgrade: The Floating Platform can be set on fire and will explode.

Note: the maximum number of Floating Platforms that the Wizard is able to conjure is one Floating Platform.

Note: the second upgrade prevents the platform from being used to block fire traps for more than a few seconds.

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