Skeleton Firebreather

Firebreather Skeleton

Firebreather Skeleton - close up

Firebreather Skeleton close up.

File-Trine - Knight Block cropped

A Firebreather Skeleton attacking the Knight

Firebreather Skeleton - in game

Firebreather Skeletons attacking Amadeus.

The Firebreather Skeleton is a fairly common enemy that is encountered often throughout the game.


These Skeletons are one of the creatures of dust and bones that were created when the Artifacts of body and mind were paired by Sarek (the Skeleton Wizard). They are part of the Undead Army that brought destruction and ruin upon the kingdom as they invaded. Their stronghold is the Evil Tower, the fortress built by Sarek, who is their lord and master.


The firebreathers are quite mobile and will pursue their target when they are near. They can suddenly materialize from the spawning Fire Pits but are also often stationed at strategic points in the terrain. These Skeletons are medium range attackers and can inflict damage from some distance away. Being mobile hunter Skeletons, firebreathers are occasionally killed by traps and other environmental hazards when in pursuit of their victim.


These Skeletons carry a fire torch and will blow a stream of flames for quite some distance. They also carry a sword that can inflict some damage in close combat but their primary weapon is the fire torch. They are especially dangerous when two or more firebreathers attack from different directions. They are agile climbers and can jump quite a distance, making them difficult to evade when they attack.


The Firebreather Skeletons are usually vulnerable to long range counter attacks and Zoya (the Thief) using her bow is the best way to deal with them. Zoya’s Fire Bow is by far the best weapon to use against these medium range enemy attackers.