Skeleton spawning

A Skeleton emerging from a Fire Pit

Skeletons spawning

Skeletons emerging from Fire Pits

A Fire Pit is the spawning point for the Skeletons of the Undead Army.

The Fire Pits suddenly manifest as a glowing area on the ground that quickly develops into a small fiery lava pit. As the pits grow and reach a certain size an enemy Skeleton will emerge from the blazing hot lava and start to attack.

There can be more than one Fire Pit at a location.

They often occur on the ground but can appear on any level surface such as platforms and bridges. The Skeletons can only exit the pit one at a time but the next Skeleton will soon follow, after a short time has elapsed.

If the Skeletons are not killed as they emerge from the pits, their numbers can quickly multiply.

The Skeletons scream as they exit the pits, giving the player some warning that an attack is about to occur.

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