Elevators - 2 close up

Zoya about to jump across two Elevators.

Elevators - 2

Elevator obstacle puzzle.

Elevators - 4

Four Elevators with Wizard's planks on them making them stable.

Not to be confused with the Moving Platform.

The Elevator is an obstacle that is sometimes encountered in the game.

The Elevator is a small unpowered conveyor with a platform that moves along rails. Unlike the powered Moving Platform it only occurs as a vertical type where the platform moves up and down. It can be encountered as a single Elevator or multiple Elevators in a row.

When any magical or non-magical object is placed on the Elevator platform, the platform will move down the rails. The same is true if one of the heroes or a Skeleton steps on to a platform.

  • All three heroes can jump across multiple Elevator platforms using good timing.
  • Knight: he can place objects on the platforms to balance them.
  • Thief: she can sometimes use her Bow to move Elevator platforms. She can also attach her Grapple Hook to wooden Elevator platforms, which can be useful in deep shafts to bring the platform back down.
  • Wizard: he is able to move the platform up or down using his levitation Ability. He can also place objects on to Elevator platforms to balance them.

Important note: one of the most useful things that the Wizard can do is to place a Plank across two Elevator platforms. This will stop the platforms from moving down, allowing the heroes to move across safely.

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