Pontius using the lever to lower the Drawbridge.

The Drawbridge is an obstacle that is encountered in the game.

The Drawbridge is one of the Locations the Three Heroes will have to visit on their journey through the kingdom. It can be found at the very end of the Crypt of the Damned level.

The Three Heroes will come to a large Drawbridge over a deep Chasm. The Drawbridge has to be lowered and crossed to get into the Forsaken Dungeons.

On the near side of the Drawbridge there is a Lever that can be used to lower the Drawbridge.

It pays to have a look in the cave that is down inside the Chasm here. The upgrade to the Floating Platform that the Wizard can conjure will help a great deal, as the Thief can attach her Grapple Hook to it and then lower herself down into the Chasm.

Important note: when the Drawbridge has been lowered it is not possible to explore the Chasm here.

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