Zoya about to light Torches in Darkness.

Darkness banished

The same cave as above now lit up.

Darkness is an environmental hazard occasionally encountered in the game.

Darkness is encountered in various forms such as that found in dark caves and tombs but also as night time darkness. The three heroes will have to explore and travel through any Darkness they come across in the terrain.

There are many Torches scattered throughout the dark areas that can be lit by the heroes to help light their way. The Torches will have to be lit so that the heroes can explore certain areas for useful Items. Lighting the Torches will also bring to light and show any traps or other dangerous obstacles that might be hidden in the Darkness.

Bats and Spiders are sometimes encountered in dark areas and should be looked out for.

  • Knight: he can use his Flaming Sword to set alight nearby Torches.
  • Thief: she can light the Torches with her Fire Bow and is the only hero who can light distant Torches.
  • Wizard: he cannot light the Torches at all.

For a list of other environmental hazards in the game see: Hazards

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