Crystal Caverns
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Vital statistics
Name Crystal Caverns
Level Number 5
Level EXP 35
Enemy EXP 25
Secrets 2
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Dragon Graveyard Crypt of the Damned
Crystal Caverns Map

Crystal Caverns Map

Crystal Caverns is the fifth level in the game.

The three heroes, the Knight, the Thief and the Wizard must travel through the Crystal Caverns on their way to the Great Castle to find the second Artifact.

  • Narrator:  Having survived the wasteland of the Dragon Graveyard, our heroes carried on. The Wizard delved deeper into the inscriptions about the Guardians. There had once been three artifacts. One for the soul and righteousness, one for the mind and power and one for the body and matter. These immortal objects had been used to balance all good and evil in the world. When everything was in harmony, the artifacts had been given to the three Guardians, who had kept them safe for centuries. The Guardians enchanted the artifacts with powerful protective charms that only allowed those with pure intents to come near. Eventually the Guardians passed away and only the charms remained.
  • Wizard:  “I believe it is because of the Trine that our physical images can be resurrected.”
  • CHECKPOINT # 1: The level starts in a huge cavern with large crystal formations.