Crystal Spikes on ground

Crystal Spikes

Crystal stalactites

Crystal Stalactites falling

Crystal cave

Zoya exploring a cave full of crystals

Crystal is an environmental hazard occasionally encountered in the game.

Crystal will kill or seriously harm the health of the three heroes.

There are two main types of dangerous Crystal:

  1. Crystal Spikes - these are long metallic Crystal formations that grow out of walls, roofs and floors in caves. They are very resilient and cannot be broken, smashed or destroyed. Any contact with these dangerous Crystal Spikes will cause serious harm or can even be fatal.
    • All three heroes can jump over small formations of Crystal Spikes.
    • Knight: he can place objects on Crystal Spikes.
    • Thief: she can swing over Crystal Spikes using her Grapple Hook.
    • Wizard: he can place Boxes, Planks and other objects over Crystal Spikes.
  2. Crystal Stalactites - these are cone-shaped metallic Crystals hanging from roofs of caves. They can be encountered as single crystals but usually occur in groups of Crystals that are more difficult to evade. They fall easily when disturbed and explode when they crash to the ground or hit something. Being hit by a falling Crystal Stalactite will cause serious harm or can even be fatal.
    • All three heroes can avoid the falling Crystal Stalactites by running under them with careful timing.
    • Knight: he can use his Shield to shelter under falling Crystal Stalactites.
    • Thief: she can use her Bow to shoot the Crystal Stalactites down.
    • Wizard: he can levitate objects to knock the Crystal Stalactites down.

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