Crypt of the Damned
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Vital statistics
Name Crypt of the Damned
Level Number 6
Level EXP 25
Enemy EXP 20
Secrets 2
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Crystal Caverns Forsaken Dungeons
Crypt of the Damned Map

Crypt of the Damned Map

Crypt of the Damned is the sixth level in the game.

The three heroes, the Knight, the Thief and the Wizard will have to pass through the Crypt of the Damned, as their journey continues towards the Great Castle.

  • Narrator:  Fear, had found a comfortable place in our heroes hearts. Deeply troubled, their minds began to fill with woe. The Knight had not eaten in many hours, and the scent of meat had not made it any easier. The Thief started to worry if she would ever be free again. And the Wizard, well, he was concerned that they would never find the other artifacts to break the Trine's spell. Though, truth be told he didn’t mind having some company that stuck with him for more than an hour.
  • Knight:  “Fear not! I shall lead the way! I wish there was more light.....”
  • CHECKPOINT # 1: The level starts at the top of the steps leading down into the crypt.