Crate (wood)

Crate (wood - large size)


Crates being used as steps.

Crate - chained

Crate (chained type - large)

Not to be confused with the Wizard's Box.

The Crate (free and chained) is a non-magical item that can be found in the game.

The Crate is an ornamental carved wooden object that can be used in many ingenious ways. It comes in various different types and sizes. It is often found free but also occasionally it will be found hanging from a chain or a rope. It is also sometimes encountered as part of a puzzle or trap that has to be solved or overcome. It can be used to climb up things and can be used as a counterbalance in puzzles. It can be used as a shield to shelter behind or can be thrown at or dropped on Enemies.

The wooden Crate is sometimes found floating in Water but is not very stable and will not easily take the weight of the heroes. It is also rarely found trapped underwater and when freed will float to the surface.

  • Knight: he can push it and move it slowly or he can hit it with his Sword or his Storm Hammer to move it a short distance.
  • Thief: she can push it and move it a little or she can fire arrows at it to move it slightly. She can sometimes also attach her Grapple Hook to some Crates.
  • Wizard: he can control and levitate it, he can also lift or move it a long distance quickly.
  • Sarek: he can magically materialize evil Crates out of the air.

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