Crane - close up

The Crane (note the heavy weight at one end).


The Crane in position ready to cross a Chasm.

The Crane is an obstacle that is sometimes encountered in the game.

The Crane is a large pivoting beam with a Hanging Platform at one end and a heavy weight on the other end. It is sometimes used to cross Chasms and other similar obstacles that are encountered in the terrain. The Crane is used to transfer something or someone from one location to another. It is usually not possible to step straight onto the platform as the platform often has to be manoeuvred into position first.

  • Knight: he can only jump on to and off the Crane.
  • Thief: she can attach her Grapple Hook to the wooden platform of the Crane.
  • Wizard: he can counter-balance the Crane by placing a magical or non-magical object on the platform. He can also move the Crane using his levitation Ability.

Important note: if possible when using his levitation Ability the Wizard should aim at the heavy weight on the end of the beam. This will give far more control and save precious energy.

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